Nonwoven fabrics have proved to be a great usage in the textile industry in recent years. The developments in polymers, non woven processing, and fabric finishing process have made its usage wide in various sectors. It has led to improvements in physical and mechanical properties of fabric such as pilling and washing stability, fabric handling and drapability, tensile nature, abrasion resistance, dyeing, and printing. Nonwoven fabric can provide functionality as required. Non Woven fabrics are extensively used to manufacture both single-use and durable clothing, including clothing, interlinings, waddings, garment linings, shoe linings, and synthetic leather fabrics.

Various Usage Of Non Woven Fabrics In Different Textile Branches

The non woven fabric is highly preferred in various textile industries. Its usage is vast compared to other fabrics. It is used in almost every branch of textiles. Every textile branch has its usage of this fabric, due to which its demand is emerging worldwide. Here is the list of applications of non woven fabrics in various textile branches. 

Agriculture Textile

Agro-textiles are a kind of textile material that is basically used for various agricultural purposes. Due to its usage in the agriculture sector, its demand is propelling worldwide. Agro textiles have properties like temperature protection and biological abilities. The Nonwoven fabrics cover the crops from protection against higher temperatures or heavy rainfall. It is also used as root bags and seed blankets; it protects the plants against harmful UV rays and bacteria and prevents decaying. Other usages of Non Woven Fabric in the agriculture sector are used to control weeds and as matting.

Construction Sector 

Nonwoven fabrics are used in the building construction sector and are also known as Buildtech. As construction activities are increasing due to rapid urbanization, the usage of the fabric is highly growing. These fabrics are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. This sector has major usage of the fabric; for example, it is preferred for construction applications such as underlying, pipe wrapping, house wrapping, roofing, etc. The construction builders even consider nonwoven fabrics as efficient compared to others.

Geotechnical Sectors

It is a part of civil engineering, and it includes varieties of architecture and aesthetics. Some of the important functions of geotextiles are filtration capacity, mechanical reaction, and chemical resistance. It has been proven that nonwoven fabrics are beneficial for all functions.

Even of its wide usage, it is least used in geotechnical sectors compared to other technical textiles sectors. Some of the mechanical applications of these fabrics are in drainage lines, asphalt overlaying, stabilization of soil, filtration.

Packaging Textile

Packaging is the major sector where Non Woven fabrics are highly used. Due to its advantageous mechanical properties, the packaging industry prefers these fabrics.

The non-fabrics are recommended due to their scratch resistance, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. It secures the material and partition boxes. It is used as a primary product for packaging a wide variety of materials. The food packaging chiefly prefers nonwoven fabrics due to their antimicrobial characteristics. These fabrics are used in various packaging applications, such as bulk packaging, spacer and tie, scrapping and throwaway packaging, absorbent food cover, etc.

Automobile Industry

The automobile sector majorly uses non woven fabrics for automobile textile. It is applied in the automotive and vehicle components. It is majorly concerned with separation and protection of luxury and aesthetic automobile materials.

The major applications of nonwoven fabrics in automobile textile are it is used to manufacture car covers and mats, airbags and filters, silencer pads, insulation materials, under padding, seat covers, and other materials.

Sports Textile Industry

The non-fabrics are preferred for the manufacturing of sports materials. Athletic materials like footwear and others are made out of it. Nonwoven fabrics are used in various sports applications such as wipes and covers, luggage components, sportswear, camping equipment, etc.

Medical Sectors

The medical sector is a huge field where the usage of non woven fabric is higher. Medical textiles are considered a new discipline that is developed by the combination of textile technology and medical sciences. It is used due to its protection functionality and disability.

According to multiple investigations, the nonwoven is the most effective material for bacterial barriers due to its anti-bacterial property. It is also proven to prevent pollution, especially air pollution. The nonwoven fabrics are used to manufacture the protective apparel of hospitals, gowns, bedding, sheets, drapes, and masks. These are made of medical-grade meltdown and other nonwoven fabric.

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