Supply chains are complex

Worry less about procurement and focus more on downstream markets.

The Sommers Difference

Flexibility. Larger manufacturers selling off the shelf solutions have convinced many of their customers that no product but theirs will meet the required specifications. This is simply not the case and we’ve built dozens of relationships proving it.


We’ve learned a great deal in our 102 years of textiles sales and manufacturing. One key takeaway is our strength is in applications engineering and our ability to manage the world’s best manufacturers, from US-based firms to Turkey, China, and elsewhere, with the requirements of each job in mind

With Sommers as a partner, you’ve got the details covered

Problem Resolution | Sampling | Product Delivery
Engineering and custom development, using non-standard materials, processes, sizes, and finishes are firmly in our wheelhouse.

Better value is a bottom-line benefit

One of our strengths is developing alternatives that equal or improve on the performance of standard and brand name products.

No Cut Corners | No substitutions
We believe this specification shell game is a result of our sector’s maturity. It has resulted in reluctance among successful players to innovate and improve. Studying your application and the materials you’ve used to satisfy it, we can — in almost every case — find or develop an equivalent solution on significantly favorable terms. Once your new standard is established, we’ll make sure it’s delivered with 100% consistency. Guaranteed.