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  • Needlepunch nonwovens are usually carded staple fiber webs that are mechanically bonded by entangling the fibers with thousands of barbed, metal needles, as the web passes through one or more machines called needlelooms. The process can also be applied to continuous filament webs like spunbond, or even to woven substrates.
  • Needlepunch is commonly made using polyester or polypropylene fibers, but the process is very versatile and can be used with many different fibers and blends.
  • Needlepunch nonwovens can be used with no additional bonding or processing. In this form, they have very good loft and elongation.
  • When combined with thermal bonding, such as calendaring, needlepunch nonwovens can be very tough and tear resistant.
  • Needlepunching can be applied to many different fiber blends, and is often combined with other bonding methods, it has a very wide range of attributes and physical properties. It can be thick or thin, soft or firm, tough or pliable.
  • Various widths, weights, and colors are available.
  • Applications include felts, automotive carpet, automotive interiors, reinforcement backings, filtration, geotextiles, and many others.

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