Geotextiles are polymeric fabrics, and it is one of the rapidly growing sectors in the technical textile market. The geotextiles are primarily used in road construction, drains, breakwaters, and harbor work. These are mostly used for civil engineering purposes. The height of geotextiles is due to their features and significance. Due to their chemical and physical properties, these textiles hold a superior position among technical textiles. 

Why Is It Important To Select The Correct Geotextile Fabric?

Geotextile fabrics with proper and specialized fabric, when installed, provide significant value. The common benefit of all geotextile fabric applications is soil separation. It separates the soil layers and prevents mixing.

The geotextile technology evolution has become a significant application in the construction industry by mixing soil layers in the site construction process. 

If you wish to get desired results, it is very important to choose an appropriate geotextile fabric. Selection of site-specific geotextile fabric is essential. The two significant types of geotextile which are commonly used are woven and Non Woven Geotextile Fabric

The Woven geotextiles consist of woven slit film polypropylene materials. The major properties of this type are higher strength and low permeability. It is very effective at inferior soil layers or bridging over wet. Non Woven Geotextile Fabric combines the strength of the woven fabric with high permeability. Therefore, choosing the correct geotextile fabric is important for various functions and applications such as separation and filtration.

Significance Of Selecting Correct Geotextile Fabric

Geotextiles with complete physical and chemical properties are highly preferred. These fabrics have many essential functions to stick in any condition. There are many significant functions of correct geotextile fabrics. The fabric doesn’t sink with separate layers of material. Geotextiles serve as effective filters and prevent clogging.

It reinforces earthen structures such as drains and dikes. It protects and guards against erosion on roads and beaches. Due to these significant functions, geotextile fabrics are utilized in many industries such as construction and civil. Both woven and Non Woven Geotextile Fabric has various specific functions and applications.

When you select the correct geotextile fabric for usage and application, it will be highly beneficial. There are various advantages of selecting a proper geotextile fabric. Let’s discuss the functions of a correct geotextile for various applications.

  • Separation

The geotextile fabric is laid between the layers of different materials, for example – such as two different soil types, new and old pavement or new construction and soil. The separation is used with stabilization. The major function of geotextile in this method is that it is used as the separator between soil granules. This type of separation is highly used in various ways such as landfills, road construction, making railroad lines, and others. Non Woven Geotextile Fabric is selected when both separation and permeability are necessary.

  • Drainage

The major function of geotextile is drainage. It allows the water to flow horizontally and vertically. The geotextile fabrics can collect water and transport it. It also provides seamless transmission. This process is highly effective in chimney drains and drip drains. This drainage application of geotextiles is used in sports stadiums, airports, golf courses, and embankments for the beach.

  • Stabilization

The geotextile is used on the material’s top, which has highly compressible properties in the case of wet material and soft soil. The geotextile fabric allows water to seep from the soil. It further consolidates the basement layer and makes it a stronger base.

  • Filtration

The geotextile fabric’s filtration function is similar to stabilization. The correct geotextile fabric aims to allow the water from covered layers. The ultimate goal of this function is water removal and preventing soil particles from passing through it. This application was achieved combined with a filter.

  • Reinforcement

In this application, the geotextile acts as source strength like in stabilization. The geotextile is used as reinforcement material in different areas. It has various applications, such as allowing for steep slopes, retaining walls to accommodate settlements, and controlling water erosion. It is used in land reclamation. 

  • Retains Erosion

Geotextile functions as a barrier to erosion. It protects the soil surface from erosion which is caused by high rainfall and water flow at the soil surface. Therefore, it is used in golf courses, cliffs, and road slopes.

Therefore, to get effective results in the application process, it is important to choose the correct geotextile. Based on the application and usage, the textile is chosen wisely.

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