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Sometimes the best solution actually involves multiple solutions.  Sommers provides a variety of composite nonwovens to give you the best combination of performance attributes to meet your specific needs.

  • Ultrasonically bonded nonwovens
    • Multiple layers of material, most often spunbond polypropylene (SBPP), are laminated together using a dot pattern created, using ultra-high frequency vibrations.
    • These composites offer better consistency and coverage than a single layer of equal weight.
    • Depending on the application, the number of layers among the weight and composition of each layer, can be adjusted to alter filtration characteristics, acoustical properties, thermal properties, liquid or foam penetration, and other characteristics.
  • Nonwoven । Film Laminates
    • Films can be laminated to various nonwovens to provide specific properties.
    • The nonwoven can support and strengthen the film.
    • Films can alter the nonwoven’s porosity, breathability, water resistance, among many other characteristics.
    • Films may be laminated to the nonwoven using adhesive, heat & pressure, or extruded directly onto the surface of the nonwoven.
  • Nonwoven Composites
    • In some cases, two distinct nonwovens, or multiple layers of a single type of nonwoven may be laminated together using adhesive or heat & pressure.
    • Multiple layers may provide improved coverage or filtration characteristics.
    • Hand, color, and other physical attributes can be modified by laminating two distinctly different nonwovens together.
    • Composites are almost always a custom design for a specific application. Contact your Sommers representative today to discuss your unique needs.

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