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  • Spunlace nonwovens are carded staple fiber webs that are mechanically bonded by entangling the fibers with thousands of water jets as the web passes over a supporting screen, also known as hydro-entangling.
  • Spunlace is most often made from polyester fibers, or blends of polyester and other fibers such as cellulose (wood pulp or rayon, for instance). Spunlace can be made with many other fibers as well, such as polypropylene and nylon.
  • When using a cellulose blend, spunlace has excellent absorption properties, which combined with its softness, makes it an excellent choice for wipes applications.
  • Spunlace may be used with the mechanical bonding via hydroentangling as the only bonding, or it may be thermally bonded, flat or patterned, as well.
  • A pattern may be imparted to the fabric via a pattern on the hydroentangling screen. The most common pattern is “apetured” which creates a pattern of holes in the material and is commonly used for wipes applications.  Other patterns, mimicking knits or wovens are also available.
  • Relative to spunbond fabrics, spunlace is usually softer in hand and has improved drapability and elongation characteristics.
  • Available in “parallel” or “crosslapped” versions, with different MD and CD elongation and strength characteristics.
  • Various widths and weights are available.
  • Applications include wipes, automotive, filtration, medical, building products, and many others.

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