Fabric further takes the shape of the outfit. To make any dress rather for marriage, casual wear, uniforms, scarves, headbands, all require unique fabric for each product. Even most of the time it is created by combining several fabrics together. 

There are different types of fabrics like- Denim, Cotton, Chiffon, Leather, Velvet, Woven, Non-Woven Fabric, or so on. If you want to know about Non Woven Fabric then in this post you will get to know all you should know about Nonwoven fabric . 

Sommers Nonwoven Solutions has shared everything that you should know about for your good knowledge in fabrics, especially in Non-woven fabric.

What Is Fabric?

With fibers the fabrics are prepared by the process of knitting, spreading, weaving, stitching, felting, bonding, or crocheting. These fibers have either been contorted into yarns and afterward weaved or woven together to make a length of the fabric, or they have been shaped into a web and warmth squeezed or stuck all together Fabric Non Woven Material.

What Is Non Woven Fabric?

Nonwoven fabrics look like a sheet or a spider web-like structure that are joined together tightly. Nonwoven fabrics are prepared by three different methods- thermally, chemically, or mechanically.

They are not prepared by the process of knitting, weaving, or by converting fibers to yarn; rather they are directly made up from the separation of fibers. They are simply just porous and flat sheets. 

Pros & Cons of Non Woven Fabric

Yes, if there are advantages then there are disadvantages too. Most of you would be looking for the pros and cons of this fabric. After searching for a long time we have come up with some fully tested and 100% true advantages and disadvantages of the nonwoven. 


If you are curious to know about some advantages that nonwoven fabric provides then simply look at the points asserted below. 

  • Its absorbency ability is quite great.
  • It’s cloth texture is breathable and comfortable. 
  • It is very flexible.
  • It is also non combustion or light weight.
  • The main thing about it is that it is cheap in cost.
  • It has decomposing abilities.
  • Nonwoven are not toxic or irritating.
  • It is recyclable.


Nothing is perfect in this world. Everything has its negative points too as well as the same as Non-woven fabric also has some points that are not good about it. 

  • Its strength is very poor.
  • Even the durability is not too good.
  • It is quite hard fabric to clean.
  • It gets split easily from mostly the angle of the right side.
  • Is not washable. 
  • Visibility is very clear from this fabric.

Types of Non Woven Fabric?

There are basically eight different types of nonwoven fabric which have different purposes that are used for making products. Do you want to know about them? Look beneath.

  1. Spunlace Nonwovens: It is used for making facial masks and wet-wipe or non-woven fabric.
  2. Heat-bonded nonwoven fabric: These types of fabrics are used to make cloth by heating or cooling.
  3. Pulp air-laid nonwovens: These are made from short fibres or sometimes by the pulp of softwood. 
  4. Wet laid nonwoven: These are generated by the process of moderate papermaking. It’s mostly the same as paper manufacturing.
  5. Spunbond nonwoven: It is made in the continuous process without any pause. These are cheaper in cost.
  6. Meltblown nonwovens: The process of converting  polymer into continuous filaments directly is melt blown nonwovens. 
  7. Acupuncture nonwovens: You can also say it is dry nonwoven fabric as in this the fluffy and soft fiber is converted into cloth with the help of needle puncture. 
  8. Stitch nonwovens: It is also a type of fry nonwoven fabric. This is made by the machines, these mostly used in thermal insulation and packing material.

What Is The Use Of Non Woven Fabric?

These fabrics are not only used in one type of product but numerous. Nonwoven fabric is used for durable and single-use, internal lining, synthetic leather fabric, shoe lining, waddings, carpets backing, and personal hygiene products. 

If you have note then the uses of Nonwoven fabric are very common in our daily lives and some of the important personal hygiene products like- sanitary napkins, diapers etc. are also made by this fabric only. 

It simply shows how important the nonwoven fabric is for us.

One of the Most Asking Question

What makes the clothes last longer? Choosing the correct fabric is very important that may impact the longer durability of the cloth. You must have heard or noticed that costly clothes durability longer than cheaper clothes, right?

It just happens as a result of the quality of the fiber. Costly clothes are made of good quality fibers and hence look the same after giving regular wash and are also durable for a long time. 

Ending For Conclusion 

If you want to know more about non-woven fabrics then be together with Sommers Nonwoven Solutions. They are the correct guide for you to trust on blindly.

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