The packaging industry plays a vital role, especiallyin the food section, where the shelf life of the products depends majorly on the kind of packaging used. Easy flexible film laminates have certainly taken over the traditional packaging stuff. This is because of the advantages ut bring along, which are absent or present in the lesser density in the traditional packaging system.

Properties of easy flexible film laminates

Here are three significant properties of easy flexible film laminates:
1. Barrier properties: The easy flexible film laminate sprotect the food items from deteriorating agents like light, moisture and gas. Thereby aiding in improving the shelf life of the food products, maintaining the quality and keeping it hygienic and safe.

2. Mechanical properties: The flexible film laminates improve the strength of the material as if makes it resistant to tearing. It also protects it from damage during transportation or storage.

3. Substrate sale ability: The flexible film laminates tend to close the flexible packaging, sealing the food items inside and protecting them from damage.

Why easy, flexible film laminates are better than traditional packaging?

Here are some of the reasons that make easy, flexible film laminates have the edge over traditional packaging:
1. Reduced cost: Apart from the low cost involved while manufacturing the flexible film laminates, they tend to reduce the overall cost of the products. Lesser expenses on the packaging mean lesser product costs.
2. Superior technology: The technology involved in the easy flexible film laminates is superior to the traditional packaging stuff like glass or plastic jars.

Functions of easy flexible film laminates

Here are some of the functions of easy flexible film laminates:
• It protects the content from external damaging factors like moisture, heat or gases.
• It retains the freshness of the contents and increases the shelf life.
• It protects the contents from any damage during transportation, storage and also distribution.
• It makes the packaging resistant to tearing.

Uses of Flexible Packaging Films

• Powders, pet food and similar stuff are packed in item laminated bags with one-way valves.
• Packaging of facial masks, tablets and IC boards is cared for by the laminated aluminum foil bags.
• Rice and few other edible products are packed in LDPE films
• Food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are stored in standard laminated bags.
• Seasonings, meats and other edible preparations are stored in retort pouches.
• Seafood is stored in vacuum bags.

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