We bring to our customers a healthy and tough scope of Geotextile that is as less to stitch and is accessible in different tones and lengths to suit the prerequisite of the customers. These are utilized in controlling landslides and soil disintegration and are generally laid along the stream dikes, sides, waterway banks, and slope slants. 

These are a scope of woven open lattice textures produced using 100% regular and biodegradable coir. These normal meshes hold the dirt and seed flawless during the foundation of vegetative cover. At the point when it degrades it adds natural supplements to the dirt. Coir Geotextiles are “environment-friendly” items.

Some Different Types Of Non Woven Fabric Geotextile:

Non Woven Geotextile Fabric

We invest heavily in assembling textures that form the framework of countries and make them more grounded and enduring. The accompanying utilitarian properties of Geotextiles make them appropriate for a wide scope of utilizations 


Geotextile is penetrable to water however forestalls the blending of total and soil when laid as a separator between the earth and totals. It additionally improves the strength, sturdiness, and primary honesty of the construction. 


The high rigidity of Geotextiles, joined with its property of lengthening, makes it the best material to build the heap bearing limit of frail soils. Henceforth generally ideal to be utilized in street development, slant assurance, and so on 


Minute holes in the Geotextiles are intended to work with the water streams and limit the moment soil particles. Therefore, the water pressure is decreased and the heap bearing limit of the construction is upgraded. 


Geotextiles, because of high cut obstruction, forestall siphoning of totals into the dirt. These outcomes result in a steady soil structure. 

​Stress Reduction:

Non-woven Geotextiles are intended to limit the development of various street layers and forestall intelligent breaking. These credits along with division, filtration, assurance, and support capacities make Geotextiles, a favored decision for street development and fix.

Growth Of Non Woven Fabric Geotextile

The incredibly quick development of the geotextile market has been powered by the adequacy of the items. The utilization of this innovation has advanced into an acknowledged best administration practice, needed by government organizations, determined by plan specialists, and utilized regularly by project workers, urban communities and towns, and landowners.

Non Woven Geotextile Fabric

Woven Geotextiles are the most grounded textures accessible for disintegration control, adjustment, and total division. They are portrayed by high rigidities at low prolongation, thus yielding high malleable modulus. These woven geotextiles are dimensionally steady, impervious to Ultra Violet (UV) debasement and are designed to be precisely and synthetically stable in forceful soil conditions and are likewise impervious to natural conditions ordinarily found in soil. 

The intrinsic attributes of polyester – high elasticity and modulus, low extension, low drag, and high long haul plan strength – make these items ideal for soil support applications. Woven Geotextiles, makes ideal for support, division, and adjustment and Cost-Effective, Ease of Construction.

Woven Monofilament Geotextile Fabric

​Woven monofilament geotextiles are utilized in particular applications where a solid blend of high strength and solid filtration are required. While ordinary woven geotextiles utilize profoundly impermeable cut tape development, woven monofilaments are composed of individual fibers that are woven together in a screen-like design. 

The items include different opening sizes to coordinate with soil qualities to consolidate high strength with solid stream attributes. Due to these novel attributes, woven monofilaments are regularly determined for position underneath expressed substantial mat frameworks. They are additionally frequently determined underneath the outside of high stream seepage channels where high strength and solid waste are likewise both of high significance.

Spun Bound Geotextiles

Spun bound geotextiles are frequently utilized when high strength, sturdiness, and penetrability are terrifically significant contemplations. During assembling the item is turned, rolled, and warmed to create extremely intense yet penetrable items. 

Frequently determined where high strength and long item life is fundamental, turned bound geotextiles are utilized regularly in finishing and sporting applications, septic framework development, and subsurface seepage.

Here Are The Advantages Of Non woven Geotextile Fabric 

There are many types of geotextile fabrics but choosing non woven geotextile is a good option because of its properties that are recommended below to you. Just look for it.

  • With the utilization of a geotextile separator, there is no requirement for conciliatory total. 
  • Reduction in total covering thickness 
  • Reduction inside and out of unearthing.
  • Woven geotextiles likewise offer significant long-haul benefits as better execution, longer life, and lower support cost. 
  • Can be utilized to develop supported soil holding divider 
  • Can be set on delicate ground, permits stable dike to be built securely, quickly, and monetarily

Great Option To Deal

To know more about geotextile fabric Sommers Nonwoven Solutions are with you. If it’s not too much trouble, contact our experts for help with settling on the most ideal item decision.

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