Generally, the non woven fabric is considered to be a fabric-like material, which is made from long fiber (continuous long) and staple fiber (short), bonded together by mechanical, chemical, solvent, or heat treatment. In the textile manufacturing industry, the term non woven is most often used to denote fabrics. If you are looking for Material Non Woven Fabric for your business, house, or other purposes, then you must acquire knowledge about its fibrous materials. 

What are the factors responsible for the choices of raw materials for non wovens?

It has been identified that non woven bonded fabrics can be produced with different fibers. Usually, the fiber or raw materials choices depend on various factors such as:

    • Natural fibers 
    • The needed profile of the fabric
    • The use of inorganic fibers
    • Chemical fibers of both synthetic and cellulosic origin
  • The cost-effectiveness of producing Material Non Woven Fabric 

The raw materials used in non woven

  • Animal fibers Sheep’s wool 

There are many types of animal wool and hairs that are used in the textile industries to produce things. But high importance is given to sheep’s wool to produce Material Non Woven Fabric. In general, sheep’s wool is at a high price, so it is collectively used in the form of cuttings or reclaimed wool. However, there is provenance imposing restrictions on the use of sheep’s wool based on their variations in the impurities and the quality of reclaimed wood, as well as the physical and chemical properties. 

  • Vegetable fibers

Cellulose is one of the most important vegetable fiber constituents, which is hygroscopic and hydrophilic. Apart from this, there are several other substances involved in vegetable fibers that can affect their properties. Another important vegetable fiber is cotton, which is often used for the production of Material Non Woven Fabric.

  • Man-made synthetic polymers fibers 

It has been identified that the field of non woven bonded fabrics is very broad that includes different types of existing fibers to some extent. In certain areas of non woven bonded fabrics, specific fiber types are becoming predominant. For instance, the major fiber types are polyamide 6.6 (Nylon) and polyamide 6 (Perlon).

What are the types of non woven fabrics?

There are different types of Material Non Woven Fabric based on different manufacturing processes, which are discussed below.

  • Spunlace non wovens

This non woven material has great use for medical non woven fabric, non woven filter fabric, facial mask fabric, wet wipe fabric, and others.

  • Pulp air-laid non wovens

This type of non wovens is also known as dry paper or dustless paper non wovens. At first, it tries to open the wood pulp fiber board with the use of air-laid technology into a single fiber state. After that, it makes the fiber agglomerate on the net curtain with the use of the airflow method to consolidate the fiber web into the material cloth.  

  • Heat-bonded non woven fabrics

The heat-bonded non woven fabric uses different processes for manufacturing that includes the addition of sticky or fibrous reinforcement material into the fiber network. After that, reinforce the fiber network into cloth material through a cooling or heating process. 

  • Spunbond non wovens

The process of spunbond non wovens includes stretching and extruding the polymer to create a continuous filament and laying the filament into the web. After that, the web gets processed into the non woven fabric via their thermal bonding, own bonding, mechanical reinforcement methods, or chemical bonding.

  • Wet-laid non woven

The wet non woven fabric process includes the fibrous raw material opening in the aqueous medium into single fibers and mixing different fiber raw materials to create a fibrous suspension slurry. After that, the suspended slurry is transported to a mesh-forming mechanism. Next, the laying fibers are in a wet state to create a cloth material.

  • Stitched non woven 

This is a kind of dry non woven fabric. The process used in the manufacturing involves a warp knitted loop structure to reinforce non-woven materials, yarn layer, the fiber web etc., to create a non woven fabric.

  • Acupuncture non wovens

It is a kind of dry non woven fabric where needle puncture is used to reinforce the fluffy fiber into the cloth. 

If you want the raw materials of non woven for you, then you can contact your nearby service provider and collect them as per your requirements.

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