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Sommers, Inc. is a large global supplier for many industries, including Filtration, Industrial, Automotive, Medical, Appliance, Decorative, Aerospace and more.

As a leading nonwoven distributor and convertor, we are a distributor and convertor of large quantities of non-woven materials with substantial inventory to back up many large projects.

Our nonwoven textile capabilities allow us to offer a diverse range of felt and filtration products from roll goods to a finished component.

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Our customers can worry less about procurement and focus more on their downstream markets.

In 1917, Polish-American immigrant Charlie Sommers, grandfather of current president Steve Sommers, moved from Paterson, NJ to East Stroudsburg, PA to manage a new textile mill. Eventually owning this mill and two others, Charlie produced silk fabrics and ribbons while his wife Rebecca managed finances. The company thrived during the Great Depression due to its reputation for fairness and shifted to wartime production in the early 1940s to support the allied victory. 

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We’ve learned a great deal in our 102 years of textiles sales and manufacturing. One key takeaway is our strength is in applications engineering and our ability to manage the world’s best manufacturers, from US-based firms to Turkey, China, and elsewhere, with the requirements of each job in mind

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