Automotive Components Manufacturing

Customer Need

During a meeting with a key automotive component customer, we had the opportunity to tour the facility to better understand the material processes used in production. We noticed their main laminating line was not running. The customer advised that one of their components would routinely split or tear during production, causing unacceptable waste and manufacturing down-time. Although the customer was not asking Sommers to address this issue, we saw the opportunity to present a solution.

Project Scope

Defining the temperatures and cycle times these nonwoven materials were exposed to during production. Developing a new specification for media that would withstand this production environment.

Product Development

Sommers’ experience in the manufacturing and coating of an array of nonwoven media led us to develop a product with a coating firmly secured to one side of a nonwoven polyester material. This one-side-coated media was fully compatible with the customer’s production environment, and resulted in higher production rates, reduced waste, and ultimately lower overall cost.