Filtration Materials Manufacturing

Customer Need

While touring a manufacturing operation, we observed that our customer was using only a portion of the available width on one of their lines. The current vendor was unable to supply nonwoven media at a width sufficient to fully utilize the production capacity. Seeing the opportunity to improve our customer’s efficiency, we suggested they consider an alternative product we could develop on their behalf.

Project Scope

Reverse engineer the current material specification to achieve equivalent or better performance in the same application. Identify a qualified manufacturer from among our worldwide partners to produce the new material at the equipment’s most efficient width.

Product Development

Sommers suggested a product that had a material width  matching the width of the customer’s manufacturing line. After a qualification review and customer approval, the new material has provided an increase in production throughput of up to 66%. In addition, the customer achieved a similar percentage reduction in labor costs. Bottom Line: our solution provided a significant bump in the customer’s productive capacity, with zero additional capital investment.