Commercial buildings manufacturing

Customer Need

New product development; commercial roofing application.

Project Scope

Defining the best-suited polymer for the application. Exploring need and practicality of printing, lamination vs. adhesion, and other performance enhancing additives.

Product Development

After reviewing all available industry specifications we concluded that a polypropylene base media was the best option. We worked with our manufacturing facility to add both UV resistance and water repellency coatings to the polypropylene substrate. We tested the new product internally and with the customers R&D group for performance approval. We also developed an appropriate four-color print specification and vetted printing technology partners to identify the most capable vendor. All printing was color matched and approved at the customer level. As a final value-added step, we added a laminate that created an end product ready for commercial use with no further modification.

Our ability to plan and manage the project, and to work with our supply partners on a final custom product eliminated the customer’s need to manage multiple supply streams themselves.